Instructions for Session Chairs

The session chair has the following role:
  • Check that all presenters for your session are ready. Presenters may bring presentations on their laptops, and it is a good idea to check the connection to the projector with all presenters before the session. For presenters that bring their presentation on a USB-stick, it is a good idea to upload the presentation to the available PC and test it before the session.
  • Assure that presentations start at the right time
  • Introduce the session with the name shown in the Summer School program.
  • Introduce the presenter – at least with name, affiliation and title of the presentation.
  • Make sure that the next presenter can start at the scheduled time. I.e. assure the current presenter stops in time. It might be a good idea to rise when five minutes left, and to indicate ten and five minutes left using a piece of paper or your hands. (Inform the presenter).
  • Encourage questions from the audience – and control this, unless the presenter takes control
  • Say thank you to the presenter, and start the applause (if needed).

Lectures are up to 60 minutes, but we strongly encourage presenters to leave at least 15 minutes for questions/discussion. Final student presentations are 20 minutes long including up to 5 minutes for questions/discussion. The session chair has to assure that a presentation is finished at least 1-2 minutes before the next is scheduled to start. For the last presentation in a session – before a break, the session chair may allow some more flexibility. If there is not sufficient time for all questions, please advice the audience to ask questions after the session is completed.