LACORO 2024 will take place at the Universidad de O'Higgins in Rancagua, Chile, located about 1 hour south of the capital and the main international Airport. The Universidad de O'Higgins ( is a new national university created in 2017 with a strong focus on research. The Institute of Engineering Sciences of the university will host the event through its Robotics and Intelligent Systems Laboratory (

There are three options to travel from the Airport to Rancagua and the Universidad de O'Higgins/your hotel:


Book a transfer that will pick you up directly at the Airport and bring you to UOH or your hotel in Rancagua, e.g.:

Alternative by Bus:

From Terminal Alameda, there are quite a few buses from different operators departing for Rancagua every 20 minutes or so. The easiest is to take the operator "Tur Bus", departing once every hour, whose offices and platforms are located directly on the metro exit (Universidad de Santiago). Like Estación Central (see below), Terminal Alameda is very busy, and you must be mindful of your belongings, etc.

Alternative by train:

From Estación Central in Santiago, trains depart for Rancagua every hour or so. Please check out the itinerary ( You can use the bus/metro from the Airport to Estación Central.

Attention: Estación Central is very busy, and you must be mindful about your belongings, etc.
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